Various models and projects.

The Ogre
For those of you who have read the initial Gotrek & Felix novel "Trollslayer", this fellow appeared in one of the short tales within said book. I found this miniature in the bottom of a mixed box of bits donated to me by a retiring gamer, his raisd arm was completely severed and in a rather bad state. I don't think I did such a bad job at rebuilding it as I could find no pictures of it for reference but I'm happy with the result and he's featured in one or two Heroquest games!

The Ogre with the rebuilt shoulder
Not too keen on the codpiece i must say!

The Damned Faithful

The Damned Faithful were created for a custom Heroquest campaign we ran a few years ago and are a group of crazy-ass pseudo-religious zealots led by "The Cleric" (the nutter with the flaming bonce). I used parts from the Empire Flagellants boxed set from Games Workshop for the most part, with a few Dark Elf pieces and a Smattering of Imperial Mage for flavour!

The Damned Faithful
The Pilgrim
The Alchemist
The Cleric

The Word

The Penant
The Wanderer

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