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The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

A fantastic bi-weekly podcast hosted by 'the Founders' Jaime Keagy, Tony Topper, Brian More, Chris Miller and Steve Spang where all aspects of the hobby are discussed. New releases and news, spotlights on a specific game per episode for review, assorted common issues we come across in the pursuit of the hobby and a myriad of subjects around and inbetween.

Funny, informative and a great group to listen to.


Watch It Played

Watch It Played is a great resource for any gamer! Hosted by Rodney Smith, and sometimes his kids Luke and Andrea, they eschew the regular format of reviewing a game and go a different route. Watch It Played presents a turn by turn play through of the games and offer one of the seats at the table to the Youtube audience! Rodney takes his turns and then when it comes around to the audiences turn he takes a break and allows you to offer your suggestions as to what to do, continuing with the most popular suggestion.

This makes for a great interactive experience and Rodney always gives great feedback with the audience.
A fantastic alternative to the standard review format and with regular content uploaded there is always a wealth of new things to watch!

Watch it Played can also be found on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook with regular posts and interaction.


Undead Viking Videos

Lance, otherwise known as Undead Viking, presents some of the most organic reviews of board games on youtube. By that I mean he has a tendency to get side tracked, ramble on and sometimes get a little lost! Its like having one of your friends reviewing a game, just someone talking about them as opposed to reviewing them in an industrial style! He really enjoys what he does and it comes across in the videos, even if he isn't that enamored of the game he is reviewing!

For a brilliant reviewer, giving very personal feeling reviews I highly recommend this channel

The Dice Tower Network

When I first found out about the online board/card gaming community it was through this Youtube channel and by extension the website itself. They offer reviews of so many games each week, regular gaming updates and news and information about upcoming and pre production games.
The reviews are clearly done by people who love the hobby, even if they don't like the games at hand and it's fun watching Tom, Zee and Sam disagreeing on games. (watch some of the Top 10 videos, it's a laugh!)

Well worth anybodies time if they are interested in watching games reviewed by people who are passionate about the hobby and actively participate in keeping it alive and promoting it!


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  1. Going to check this out soon. I'm wanting to pick up Netrunner and Android now Infiltration has planted the seed!